Resources: What I use to develop my skills – Podcasts

Podcasts, videos, books, webpages, etc.


Permaculture Voices:

Scroll down to “Voices of Change -The Episodes”

Over 150 information packed podcasts on everything permaculture.

My favorite episodes:

Industrial Farmer to Beyond Organic Icon, Will Harris III of White Oak Pastures – Permaculture on an epic 3000 acre scale (028).

A Beginners Guide to Multi-Species Grazing on Leased Land – Presented by Greg Judy (b028)

Profitable Urban Farming with Curtis Stone (PVP026) – farming your neighbors lawns! $100K on just an acre!

The Survival Podcast:

Okay. Lots of survival and prepper information (maybe that’s not your thing) but wait! What do you do once you’ve survived? How do you keep surviving long term?  Permaculture.   Great catch phrase:  “If times get tough or even if they don’t”

My favorite episode:

EPISODE-1717- QUAIL KEEPING Q&A EDITION – 3 hours of everything you need to know to Raise Quail for Meat and Eggs.   After listening to this podcast, I began raising quail 2 weeks later (no previous experience with livestock).  Really, everything you need to know!

Paul Wheaton Podcasts:

Paul Wheaton runs the largest permaculture website on the planet.

People begged him to make a podcast and he only agreed to do it if he didn’t have to professionally record them and edit them so there’s some cursing, eating, yelling, obnoxiousness..   On the flip side, there is also a great deal of compassion and understanding.  My advice, let the negative stuff go and wait for it.   He drops gold nuggets you won’t get anywhere else and if you listen to every one of his podcasts, it’s almost as good if not better than attending a Permaculture Design Course (PDC).  Really!

Scroll down and look on the right side of the screen to find the archive for March 2011 if you want to start at the beginning (

One of my favorites:

051 – Toby Hemenway on Permaculture Ethics: The 3rd Ethic.  What is the intent? Return the Surplus to the system that created it?  or this New modification of calling the 3rd Ethic  “Fair Share” which many interpret to mean I can take your stuff because you got a surplus and I don’t.  I’m in the Return the surplus to the system that created it camp. Hands off my stuff unless you want to grab a shovel and get to work improving the system!

For a comprehensive list of amazing videos I recommend, Click here


* This page is still under construction. More resources will be added shortly.


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