Suburban Hugelkultur Garden Integrated with Aquaponics

My backyard Hugelkultur garden:  What if I told you, that you can make a garden that never needs to be watered for 20 years?  Well this is it.  You bury logs underneath your garden and the wood acts like a sponge and soaks up the water when it rains and stays moist until the next rain.  This slowly breaks down over 20 years and then you have some amazing soil.  The first year is not supposed to be so great as the wood (carbon) steals nitrogen (plant food) from the plants in an effort to compost itself.  I had a great first season but I cheated with Aquaponics water (check out my backyard aquaponics).  When it rains, my nearby Aquaponics system overflows into a ditch which leads to my Hugelkultur.

This supercharges the soil with nitrogen & microbe rich oxygenated water. Plants really dig that.

Here is my step by step.  1) make a trench about 2 feet down.

1-hugel-hole2) Fill trench with a bunch of logs.2-hugel-logs3) Cover logs with the dirt you dug out of the trench and then cover everything with compost and cast seeds all over the place.3-hugel-dirt-compost4) Cover with straw and transplant some plants if you got them.4-hugel-straw-cover5) Water the seeds to get things started and watch the sprouting happen!  You won’t have to water later. 5-hugel-cover-crops6) Cheat with some Aquaponics water if you got it. When it rains, my aquaponics system fills up with extra water and overflows to a ditch which leads to my hugelkulture here.  You don’t need the aquaponics water but its something I have surplus of so I integrated it with my Hugelkultur bed.6-hugel-overflow-aquaponics-water-ditch7) Watch it grow! 7-hugel-starting8) See the lush diversity taking off.8-hugel-lush-awsesomeness9) Harvest the fruit of your labor. I dug out about 100 pounds of sweet potatoes along with a ton of other veggies at the same time.  9-hugel-sweet-potato

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