Small Plot Intensive Gardening

I turned the lawn in my side yard into productive abundance!   First I removed all the grass by hand with a shovel (that was no joke).  The ground underneath was all crazy think clay with no top soil and no biological life.  I brought in some compost and formed the rows and woodchip walking paths.  I broadforked (14 inch meadow creature – the rows but the ground was so compacted that I could barely scratch the surface (Frustrating). I decided to plant anyway and put down about 2-3 x 5 gal buckets of compost for each row (20 feet long by 3 feet wide). The walking paths are anywhere from 6 inches to 18 inches wide (the idea being that you can straddle the garden rows without having to step in the beds and everything is so tight that you can actually plant more than if you had a tractor doing this). I had an incredible first season growing a ton of food on some really crappy soil.

Fall.    So I pulled everything out of the beds and put down another 2 x 5 gal buckets of compost per row and then I planted a cover crop mix (  The idea with cover crops is that they keep the soil covered so the soil biology can still thrive over the winter and when you mow in the spring, all that biomass gets fed to the soil biology / microbes.

Early spring.  Mow the cover crops. Don’t remove the clippings, leave them right there in the rows. Then put a huge think tarp over everything.  A tarp? what? that doesn’t sound or look very natural!  Well let me explain.  The tarp keeps the soil covered, moist, and dark. Perfect for a bunch of microbes to feast on the cover crop clippings.

a month later.   Remove the tarp and now see what happens.   I got out the broadfork and previously it had been so compacted and hard that I could only scratch the soil surface but now.  Wow.   I could sink the broadfork all the way in 14 inches. Amazing!  In just one year I had some really nice soil! That translated to some amazing crops that tasted awesome!

I decided to cover most of the area in about 30 yards of woodchips.  Took about 3 days for me to spread it around with a wheel barrow after work.  Now I have a huge garden, mini orchard(apple, pear, plum), mini vineyard(concord, muscadine), and a bunch of goji berry, blackberry, blueberry,

***  This transformation story was also featured on the Daily-ish email of (

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