Hot Composting

My Hot Composting Pallet System – Compost in 18 days. Mix greens (Nitrogen – fresh Green vegetation or animal manure) and browns (Carbon – Brown leaves, wood shavings / chips). One layer of greens then add a layer of browns, water then repeat until its 4 feet high. let sit for 2 days and it should be at 140F temperature or above then turn it every other day. Turn as is demonstrated in the video. Be very careful and take temperature measurements with a long compost thermometer everyday. If it gets above 150 degrees, turn it. If it gets much hotter it could go anaerobic and start to produce alcohols and then burst into flames with a fire that can not be put out with water. Please be very careful.

Here I am making Aerobic Compost with the 18-day Hot Composting or Berkeley Method.

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